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From the pen of the man who is writing success stories

A dream seen by Mr. Manoj Kumar Goyal (founder), gripped with great efforts and nurtured with innovative ideas has now shaped up as “KDPMGI”, a name that holds the trust of its associates, clients and masses. Brimming with proficiency and expertise, Mr. Goyal began his career as a young businessman inspired by the buying realty that has always been and will always remain a capital-intensive transaction.

The backbone of the group, Mr. Goyal puts his philosophy in words as ‘Success strives on the knowledge of the market and needs of our associates. Two important factors emerge from this view- The necessity for a high quality of construction so that the asset benefits the customers by way of longevity and low maintenance. The second factor is that of value for money – given the high cost involved in a realty transaction, customers will always seek value for money while buying and investing in properties.

Having understood these twin truths at an Having understood these twin truths at an early stage of our growth, we instituted a policy of offering high quality construction at value for money prices.’ He continues- ‘A key factor that contributes to our ability to offer high quality construction at affordable prices is choice of location. Choosing locations that are soon to become part of a developed area ensures lower cost of land and this helps us in offering value pricing to our clients. Our customers benefit in the long run due to the considerable appreciation in prices. Appreciation offsets the interest component in the purchase and assures a handsome return for the buyer. This is a true win-win situation where both parties stand to benefit.’

Under his great dynamic leadership, the company has achieved highest stature in professionalism, quality controls and integrity in the Realty Sector in NCR. The company has now become synonymous with the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction.